Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I didn't realize I was behind so bad! But oh well. Not much has happened anyway.
baby church went well, we drove Roger home then dropped mom off and went to South Bay to get a new dremel bit and look for chargers for my camera. The dremel bit is for the dremel tool we borrowed from the Pedersons because Ben is fixing the rust spots on the protege. So we went to Circuit City and found the right charger for my camera and went to buy it when Ben told me he did't carry his credit cards! I wa annoyed and we left. But! It turns out it was God conspiring for us because when we got home Ben found the charger for my camera in the garage. I guess it was in a bag that dad had looked through looking for tools that Ben had brought to NH. YAY! I was so happy and there were pictures from 2007 when we went to the Topsfield Fair for TA's Birthday. This one is my favorite.

I woke up and went to change fishy's water and saw he had a thing on his tail, did some research and it was either a bacterial infection called columnaris or he had tail rot which then grew algae. Either way, poor fishy. So I put him in his old little bowl and changed his water. Ben spent the rest of the day getting the protege back together and shen it was done we went to Skiptons and got him the antibiotics he needed. The medicine comes in packets for a 10 gallon tank and he is currently in a 1 gallon tank so I've had to split the dosage and he gets 1/2 a smidgen every 24 hours. Isn't that funny? Thats the real dosage; I use the measuring spoons. Half a Smidgen! Hehe

And now I'm at school, sitting in the library, waiting for Ben to say he wants lunch so we'll go eat. After classes he and I are gonna head to Market Basket and do the Grocery Shopping. Then I'll wait around for my World Lit class! It's fun now that I chat it up with Amanda and Jen(n) every time. YAY!