Sunday, October 5, 2008

A-a-a-nd ....Catch up!

Ben and I have been up at the Mencke's since Friday. It's like our second home. Except it's much more relaxing (usually) and people are actually home!
Ok time to play catch up on the week.

I spent Thursday night at my mother's because Karen is visiting from England for a few weeks. We had dinner with her and Todd and Laurie and Aidan at Aunt Inie's. It's nice to be able to get to know her better. I finally found out where in England she lives so I can tell Liz.

Friday morning Mom and I went to Brothers for breakfast before Ben came to pick me up. When he did we went straight up to NH since he had a run to do for Keith. Breck is in for the weekend from Kentucky and he and Keith went down to NY to clean out Keith's dad's house. Kyle is so much like him it's crazy. He and Keith did a run to NY and the three women they took were super sketchy, very vague about everything and she had previously said to Keith after he accidentally spoke to some random guy when he called her "Did you tell him anything, I just need to get out of the country..." Um SKETCHY!!

So Saturday afternoon Ben took me back down to Boston because Donna was visiting from Georgia for the weekend. Mom, Donna and I went to Lynn's "Girl Party" It was a good time, yummy food and lots of funny drunk ladies- by the end of the night anyway. Ben picked me up again after a run to Logan and on our way back up we stopped and got soda and an Ice Cream cake and had a Nacho Libre viewing party. It was fun, that movie is hysterical. The only downsides were that Skyler was being his usual jerky annoying self and Blitz had an aggression incident. We gave him a leftover steak bone and when we stepped near him he started growling really bad and snapping a bit. I had to toss him down and pin him and after that we decided to work with him right then and there to try to curb it so we did the whole put it in front of him and make him leave it thing and then finally give it to him leave him for a minute then try to go near him, each time it got progressively much better until at one point he got up and went behind the couch with it. We didn't want him to be able to hide it from us so we tried to go near him and he freaked. Super growly, snarling and acting generally pretty vicious. I went near him and whacked the leash on the ground tell him to come and drop it etc but it didn't do much until I didn't back off and then he just snapped out of it. It was crazy he just dropped it and walked away. I felt like a proud parent that he had done well. After that there were no issues. We've really got to work things like this out now because he is gonna be flipping huge when he's full grown. He's barely six months and already 65 pounds. Yikes! I basically handled the whole thing and the only time I was worried was when Skyler kept trying petting him when I was trying to desensitize him, Excuse me!?! You're gonna get my fingers bit off by startling him! As usual no sense and not thought for anyone else, He was enjoying the whole thing, he thinks aggression is fun. Idiot.

Cheri, Kenz, Ben, Jericho and I went to this thing called Extreme Trail Ride, that Kenzie's trainer Kelly invited us to. Her riding group does it every year, they set up a bunch of crazy obstacles and make the horses walk though them over them etc. It was pretty neat. Kenzie actually ended up borrowing Kelly's huge draft mix Buddy and trying the intermediate course. She Placed second and she didn't even do one of the things! It was going over logs while going up and down a really steep hill, it was a little scary so Cheri was wary, so Kenz just took the minute penalty. It was a good time, the other members were very nice and the food afterwards was yummy. Ben and I decided to stay the night tonight because we didn't feel like going home. It was a fun choice. We ended up doing a nature scavenger hunt in the dark. We had to get all different leaves and some moss, a stick as big as your arm etc. We all had flashlights and we were on three teams. Mackenzie and Kayci, Ben and Jericho and Me and Blitz. Needless to say, my partner was the only one who ate one of the items so we had to go back and get another. I ended up winning but only because Kenzie didn't know what an Oak leaf was and apparently Ben didn't either because he told her some other leaf. Actually I would have won anyway if I hadn't run full out into the wheelbarrow and bust up my shin. Luckily it wasn't too bad, just a bunch of bruising and scraped skin. Afterwards Kenzie and I went in the Hot Tub for a bit.

And today hasn't really started yet but so far it looks pretty basic. I have to do all the reading and catch up on the writing responses for my 3 hour World Lit class from heck. Ben and I were planning on going home when he got home from work but Cheri needs to take Kenz to PT and Breck needs a ride to the Airport to go home in the afternoon, so we'll stay and do that. This week is gonna be pretty crazy I think. Thursday the (Bonnice) family is sleeping at the cabin since we are leaving really early Friday out of Manchester to go out to Indiana for Uncle Jim's wedding. I'm hoping Ben and I can just come up straight from school because it's be a huge PITA to go back down to Boston at rush hour only to wait around for a long time and drive up to a cabin where we then need to do dinner and get the fire going to heat the place. Not happening. I'm really hoping we get a chance to see April's baby while we're out there. At the rate family visits are going we won't get another chance till he's walking and talking.