Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm Thankful for my family schlepping over to Dorchester to humor my Martha Stewart wannabe Thanksgiving.

I'm Thankful for having a mom who actually taught me how to cook and throw a holiday.

I'm Thankful for my cousins who keep me having fun and hone my parenting skills.

I'm Thankful for my Grandparents, because even though they are "faux", they are unquestionably mine and they are the best.

I'm Thankful for Fuck Holidays. (and all year round)

I'm Thankful for my found kitty who follows me around and loves me even when I don't give her turkey. Also, for the fact that she lovingly endures being repeatedly poked in the nose by a two year old.

I'm Thankful for P Dub's turkey brine, which I used as the base for a kick-ass turkey.

I'm Thankful for wonderful bloggers that I totally love.

And I'm Thankful for anyone who actually still reads this even though I'm a slacker!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 5, 2010

'Scuses 'scuses

I haven't written anything in forever and if you read the last post you'll know why.

But anyway, since I updated I've continued busting my ass for UPS and took a week off to go to the Happiest Place on Earth!

And it was awesome.

Only it was TOO awesome. It was super warm and full of delicious food and family and chatting it up with Disney characters and the BAM I'm on a plane back to Boston and I'm being sneezed on and woken up by a woman laughing like PeeWee Herman and then it's so cold and I'm back at UPS at 3 am and what the hell happened?!

Transitioning back to reality isn't so much fun, you guys.

But I'm getting back into real life kicking and screaming with my head up, because there's no other choice. I'm mature and grown up like that.

And when my brother and sister in law get around to editing any of the photos they took, I'll share some.
Only that might be a while because they're all sick.

Which is a reminder that as much as real life sucks, it could be worse.