Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday is over!

I love tuesday night. Tuesday is the hardest day of my week so once I'm home it's like -YES! I woke up this morning ten minutes before my alarm, fell right asleep until the alarm, hit the snooze and immediately slept until the second alarm. Needless to say I was tired. Managed to get up and get ready and go to class though. Mary Lou gave us a quickie pop reading quiz so I was preety psyched I did the reading! Everyone else was prettymuch panicked. Actually come to think of it I had a quickie quiz in every class today. Interesting. After my afternoon classes Ben and I went to the Market Basket nearby and did all the shopping for the house. Then he went home with the groceries and I went to the Library. It was a good time though because as soon a I walked in I saw Amanda and she hailed me down and we sat together, soon Jen(n?) came and we had a grand old time talking about how we hadn't done the reading, we were all total goofballs-especially Amanda- and how we could really do without hearing about other people's sex lives. We talked until we were almost late for class (which meant I didn't get a chance to eat but I just ate at home afterwards) and then went to class where we sat through useless lectures about the History of Rome and lots of sex talk. Ironic? We thought so. Ick.