Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some day I'll post daily....

Until then I'll continue playing catch-up every few days.

Went as planned. Took Breck to the airport in the afternoon, came, ate leftovers from the fridge and went to bed. I was a bit amused to see that mom had made sausages and potatoes and sausage/hamburger lasagna over the weekend. Oh the cholesterol! To be fair, she did have to cook for Leah and Matt.

Class class and more class. I finally got around to getting the seventy billion drafts of my paper that I had to have to hand it in together and passed it in. Childrens Lit was great, it was bring in picture books day so we got to sit around and look at all sorts of lovely picture books. Ben and I then sat in the Library and watched our favorite episode of Doctor Who "The Girl in The Fireplace" I love love love that one! After which he left and I waited around until about 5 when I went to the Cafe to heat up my Lean Cuisine (chicken broccoli alfreo-YUM!) The three girls I chat with in my World Literature class from heck came and at with me and it was nice we had a blast. Then we walked over to Henderson Hall and a girl from our class went up before us and as we were about to walk out of the stairwell she came back in and we all stopped dead in our tracks. Then the best thing ever happened and she let us know class was canceled! Ok now I'm the youngest of our group at 20, the oldest is 25. We shrieked like Nine year old at a Jonai Concert and ran for the door to see for oursleves. I wish I could have taped it it must have been such a scene we were jumping up and down and laughing hysterically. That is just how torturous that class is. I was a bit ticked she hadn't sent out an email or something seeing as how i'd waited around since 2:45 but hey I wasn't about to complain.

I don't know why I put an exclamation after that, today wasn't very eventful. Actually it was pretty slow. When I finally got up, we went to get ben a haircut. As usual the woman cut it way too short and managed to mess up wonderfully. At least this time he doesn't have a buzz cut. Then we proceeded to spend all freaking day finding all the necessary items for the trip to IN. I'll be getting up with him at 1:45 am to go to Chelmsford where I'll sleep in the car while he works and then it's off to school for us. And then off to NH! Hopefully we haven't forgotten anything. And if we have Que Sera Sera!