Sunday, October 12, 2008

Indiana Ya big Banana

OK! So..

Everything went as planned. We left school early and headed to the Menckes. We hung out around there until about 9:00, got a bunch of wood cut and then finally went over to the cottage and waited for Mom, Dad and Abby. They finally got there and we got to sleep about 10:30. We woke up at 4:00 and headed out to Manchester. Our flight was on time and we got into DC around lunchtime. As we walked out of the gate we were greeted by the best sight - Five Guys! So we ate and got on the flight into Indy. Uncle Jim met us at the airport and we were off! We went back to his house and met up with the Zellers. Met baby Talon - the most adorable baby ever! We checked into the hotel at 3:00 then headed over to the church for the rehearsal and decorating the hall. We rolled forks into napkins and I was in charge of creating the centerpieces. They came out really pretty. They were sugar pumpkins with floral foam in them, with a candle in the center. After the rehearsal we had the rehearsal dinner at a buffet place. Ben and I sat with Alex and April -and Talon of course. Jim gave a little speech where he thanked John and Josh and he said "The two loves of my life.." And of course Danielle pipe right and was like "HEY!" It was priceless.

Wedding Morning! We got together for breakfast in the lobby and chatted a bit. We basically just spent the time beforehand getting ready to go. We headed over to the church early and fixed last minute details, final touches like putting out the unity candle, setting up a table for the grooms cake and decorating aroung the base of the cake. The wedding was really lovely and we were all so excited for Jim and Mary. Afterwards we wend to the hall and started the reception, we cut and served the cake and heard the speeches and everything. After everyone dispersed we cleaned the hall and went back to Jim's for a barbecue. Mary's family couldn't stay very long but it was nice to meet them. I got to hold the baby for a long time and he's just so precious, only 10 days old and so tiny and perfect. It's hard to imagine even my own children being so perfect. It was really sad when the night was over and we left because we don't know when we'll be able to see anyone again.

We went with Grampa, Linda, Uncle Bill, Cousin Bryan, and Cathy and Dennis to breakfast then headed to the airport. Our flight was right on time but our plane right was a mess. We were on the last row in the back of a DC 9, the windows were closed over and we were right next to the engines and it was insanely loud. Seriously the decibel level wasn't good. The landing was bit iffy, there wasn't any wind but we were rocking like crazy. We were all pretty happy when we landed in Detroit. The terminal was super long and it was so so expensive. It was definitely the most expensive of any airport I've been at. Abby bought a tiny bag of Sour Patch Kids and it cost over 4 dollars. We decided to wait till we got home to eat. After we landed, we drove back to the cottage and grabbed the Protege and headed back to the Mencke's. Keith's BIL Bob was visiting with James and Dana and we played around in the leaves with Blitz and then went to dinner at the new/relocated restaurant/market in Raymond near the cottage. The food was great but our server was a mess. She completely forgot the appetizers Bob ordered and screwed up a bunch of stuff. After dinner they went back to their hotel and we came back to the Mencke's. Ben and Kenz went out and played manhunt with Sam and Danielle. Ben broke two panes of glass from the Tack room off the Sunroom. While they were out there Cheri gave Blitz his newly washed bed and he started humping it!! It was so funny, I was laughing so hard I started wheezing. He didn't actually get anything under him since it's a pillow so it just looked like he was doing some really dirty dance. Classic. we decided it was called the Fluffenhump aka Blitz Fluffs it 'n Humps it! Pure LOLS