Thursday, October 16, 2008

I was doing so well...

but I'm only a day behind so it's ok.

Unlike most wednesdays this wednesay was actually eventful! I woke up and started making food to bring to Scotty and Jenn. I made meatballs and turnip and carrots. We also went to Colleen's (the florist down the street) and got Jenn a pretty bouquet. I put it in one of the vases from Leah's wedding and brought it to her. We caught her just before she left for work and she was happy. It's super sad that she lost one of the twins but it will still be happy to have a new baby around. She told me about how they are going to be wokring out of a kitchen in Jamaica Plain sometime this season. So exciting! Apparently they have an 80 Qt Mixer (hers is 20) and FIVE ovens. So we can make 600 cookies in a batch. SWEET! Then Ben and I came home and I was off to Revere to pick up Ana. I found her Grandmothers house and then she and I made our way to Eastern Nazarene in Quincy to get DC. We decided to head to the mall and I ended up meandering through the back streets and actually found my way! I was proud lol. We got there and walked around for a while before we got hungry and went to Cheesecake Factory. Then we meandered a bit more and went to Build-A-Bear. We made a cute little bear and we each got to put a heart in him after we rubbed it on our noses, eyes, mouths hearts and our heads, jumped up and down and made a wish. :D It was fun. Then we found him a sweater and we named him. We decided he should have a biblical name since he looked like a good church bear. So we each picked a name and he is Malachi (I picked this but Deb stole it) Jacob (Ana's) Esau (because he's hairy-get it?). And his Mommy's name (since you can only have one) is Delistacia Connarice. Then we went to Sears and tried on a bunch of dresses because Deb has homecoming to go on friday. Ana tried on a lovely purple number. (PICTURE) I loved the shoulder pads especially. Then we left and went back to Debs rooma nd joked around until about 10:00 when we decided we should probably call it a night since Deb and I had school the next day. SO I drove Ana back to Revere and went home.

I woke up this morning and went down stairs to get dressed and Mom came home with a bunch of flowers because I guess Norm wanted flowers for the deputy superintendant who was coming to visit. She had gone to the wholesale flower place since she said florists weren't open. So she made a bouquet and I helped her a little. Then I remembered today was the day that I was going to the Eric Carle museum with my Ch. Lit. Teacher Ms. Twomey. So I went up to MCC and ate lunch with Ben. Then I found Ms Twomey and we waited for the other girl who was coming, Emily. We talked about animals pretty much the whole ride out there and it was a really nice museum. So we went through it all and had lots of good conversation on the way back about parenting and teaching etc. When we got back I drove right to Beverly to watch the girls while Scott and TA went out to dinner as part of TA's Anthro class. There was wicked traffic getting on 95 from 3 and then it started going to fter stop and go ( 30mph-0, 30-0, 60Woot!-0 Aww) and tyhen dissapeared entirely. Traffic is wierd. So TA had made Chop Suey and I gave the girls dinner and talked to Victoria and played a few games of memory with Alexandria. I just sent them up to bed. Lexi had fallen asleep on the couch and Victoria is reading now. I Love My Cousins :D