Saturday, October 18, 2008


So friday was spent sitting in the living room mostly. Watching Dr Who and writing an essay for history that I found out last minute was due! Then we hustled our butts over to Bayside Expo and the Grand Chapiteau for Cirque Du Soleil's Kooza! We got the tickets for half price because I'm part of Club Cirque. It was absolutely amazing. To try to explain it would definitely not do it justice.

And today we came up to NH as soon as we got up. Stopped in to Walmart to grab some stuff we needed. Then we headed to the house and did a bunch of stuff. Split a bunch of wood, I wrote my short story, piled the pellet bags for winter etc. And I rode a four wheeler for the first time!! It was so fun! Then we went over to the Meatshop/Restaurant in Raymond and got a bunch of chowders. After a few little mishaps we got our Chowders-complete with pastry- and went home to eat. Now I'm going to bed 'cause I'm tired and Ben and I have to drive back to Boston in the morning for Baby Church. I'm getting sick of having to plan baby church three months in advance.