Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I didn't realize I was behind so bad! But oh well. Not much has happened anyway.
baby church went well, we drove Roger home then dropped mom off and went to South Bay to get a new dremel bit and look for chargers for my camera. The dremel bit is for the dremel tool we borrowed from the Pedersons because Ben is fixing the rust spots on the protege. So we went to Circuit City and found the right charger for my camera and went to buy it when Ben told me he did't carry his credit cards! I wa annoyed and we left. But! It turns out it was God conspiring for us because when we got home Ben found the charger for my camera in the garage. I guess it was in a bag that dad had looked through looking for tools that Ben had brought to NH. YAY! I was so happy and there were pictures from 2007 when we went to the Topsfield Fair for TA's Birthday. This one is my favorite.

I woke up and went to change fishy's water and saw he had a thing on his tail, did some research and it was either a bacterial infection called columnaris or he had tail rot which then grew algae. Either way, poor fishy. So I put him in his old little bowl and changed his water. Ben spent the rest of the day getting the protege back together and shen it was done we went to Skiptons and got him the antibiotics he needed. The medicine comes in packets for a 10 gallon tank and he is currently in a 1 gallon tank so I've had to split the dosage and he gets 1/2 a smidgen every 24 hours. Isn't that funny? Thats the real dosage; I use the measuring spoons. Half a Smidgen! Hehe

And now I'm at school, sitting in the library, waiting for Ben to say he wants lunch so we'll go eat. After classes he and I are gonna head to Market Basket and do the Grocery Shopping. Then I'll wait around for my World Lit class! It's fun now that I chat it up with Amanda and Jen(n) every time. YAY!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


So friday was spent sitting in the living room mostly. Watching Dr Who and writing an essay for history that I found out last minute was due! Then we hustled our butts over to Bayside Expo and the Grand Chapiteau for Cirque Du Soleil's Kooza! We got the tickets for half price because I'm part of Club Cirque. It was absolutely amazing. To try to explain it would definitely not do it justice.

And today we came up to NH as soon as we got up. Stopped in to Walmart to grab some stuff we needed. Then we headed to the house and did a bunch of stuff. Split a bunch of wood, I wrote my short story, piled the pellet bags for winter etc. And I rode a four wheeler for the first time!! It was so fun! Then we went over to the Meatshop/Restaurant in Raymond and got a bunch of chowders. After a few little mishaps we got our Chowders-complete with pastry- and went home to eat. Now I'm going to bed 'cause I'm tired and Ben and I have to drive back to Boston in the morning for Baby Church. I'm getting sick of having to plan baby church three months in advance.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I was doing so well...

but I'm only a day behind so it's ok.

Unlike most wednesdays this wednesay was actually eventful! I woke up and started making food to bring to Scotty and Jenn. I made meatballs and turnip and carrots. We also went to Colleen's (the florist down the street) and got Jenn a pretty bouquet. I put it in one of the vases from Leah's wedding and brought it to her. We caught her just before she left for work and she was happy. It's super sad that she lost one of the twins but it will still be happy to have a new baby around. She told me about how they are going to be wokring out of a kitchen in Jamaica Plain sometime this season. So exciting! Apparently they have an 80 Qt Mixer (hers is 20) and FIVE ovens. So we can make 600 cookies in a batch. SWEET! Then Ben and I came home and I was off to Revere to pick up Ana. I found her Grandmothers house and then she and I made our way to Eastern Nazarene in Quincy to get DC. We decided to head to the mall and I ended up meandering through the back streets and actually found my way! I was proud lol. We got there and walked around for a while before we got hungry and went to Cheesecake Factory. Then we meandered a bit more and went to Build-A-Bear. We made a cute little bear and we each got to put a heart in him after we rubbed it on our noses, eyes, mouths hearts and our heads, jumped up and down and made a wish. :D It was fun. Then we found him a sweater and we named him. We decided he should have a biblical name since he looked like a good church bear. So we each picked a name and he is Malachi (I picked this but Deb stole it) Jacob (Ana's) Esau (because he's hairy-get it?). And his Mommy's name (since you can only have one) is Delistacia Connarice. Then we went to Sears and tried on a bunch of dresses because Deb has homecoming to go on friday. Ana tried on a lovely purple number. (PICTURE) I loved the shoulder pads especially. Then we left and went back to Debs rooma nd joked around until about 10:00 when we decided we should probably call it a night since Deb and I had school the next day. SO I drove Ana back to Revere and went home.

I woke up this morning and went down stairs to get dressed and Mom came home with a bunch of flowers because I guess Norm wanted flowers for the deputy superintendant who was coming to visit. She had gone to the wholesale flower place since she said florists weren't open. So she made a bouquet and I helped her a little. Then I remembered today was the day that I was going to the Eric Carle museum with my Ch. Lit. Teacher Ms. Twomey. So I went up to MCC and ate lunch with Ben. Then I found Ms Twomey and we waited for the other girl who was coming, Emily. We talked about animals pretty much the whole ride out there and it was a really nice museum. So we went through it all and had lots of good conversation on the way back about parenting and teaching etc. When we got back I drove right to Beverly to watch the girls while Scott and TA went out to dinner as part of TA's Anthro class. There was wicked traffic getting on 95 from 3 and then it started going to fter stop and go ( 30mph-0, 30-0, 60Woot!-0 Aww) and tyhen dissapeared entirely. Traffic is wierd. So TA had made Chop Suey and I gave the girls dinner and talked to Victoria and played a few games of memory with Alexandria. I just sent them up to bed. Lexi had fallen asleep on the couch and Victoria is reading now. I Love My Cousins :D

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday is over!

I love tuesday night. Tuesday is the hardest day of my week so once I'm home it's like -YES! I woke up this morning ten minutes before my alarm, fell right asleep until the alarm, hit the snooze and immediately slept until the second alarm. Needless to say I was tired. Managed to get up and get ready and go to class though. Mary Lou gave us a quickie pop reading quiz so I was preety psyched I did the reading! Everyone else was prettymuch panicked. Actually come to think of it I had a quickie quiz in every class today. Interesting. After my afternoon classes Ben and I went to the Market Basket nearby and did all the shopping for the house. Then he went home with the groceries and I went to the Library. It was a good time though because as soon a I walked in I saw Amanda and she hailed me down and we sat together, soon Jen(n?) came and we had a grand old time talking about how we hadn't done the reading, we were all total goofballs-especially Amanda- and how we could really do without hearing about other people's sex lives. We talked until we were almost late for class (which meant I didn't get a chance to eat but I just ate at home afterwards) and then went to class where we sat through useless lectures about the History of Rome and lots of sex talk. Ironic? We thought so. Ick.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Indiana Ya big Banana

OK! So..

Everything went as planned. We left school early and headed to the Menckes. We hung out around there until about 9:00, got a bunch of wood cut and then finally went over to the cottage and waited for Mom, Dad and Abby. They finally got there and we got to sleep about 10:30. We woke up at 4:00 and headed out to Manchester. Our flight was on time and we got into DC around lunchtime. As we walked out of the gate we were greeted by the best sight - Five Guys! So we ate and got on the flight into Indy. Uncle Jim met us at the airport and we were off! We went back to his house and met up with the Zellers. Met baby Talon - the most adorable baby ever! We checked into the hotel at 3:00 then headed over to the church for the rehearsal and decorating the hall. We rolled forks into napkins and I was in charge of creating the centerpieces. They came out really pretty. They were sugar pumpkins with floral foam in them, with a candle in the center. After the rehearsal we had the rehearsal dinner at a buffet place. Ben and I sat with Alex and April -and Talon of course. Jim gave a little speech where he thanked John and Josh and he said "The two loves of my life.." And of course Danielle pipe right and was like "HEY!" It was priceless.

Wedding Morning! We got together for breakfast in the lobby and chatted a bit. We basically just spent the time beforehand getting ready to go. We headed over to the church early and fixed last minute details, final touches like putting out the unity candle, setting up a table for the grooms cake and decorating aroung the base of the cake. The wedding was really lovely and we were all so excited for Jim and Mary. Afterwards we wend to the hall and started the reception, we cut and served the cake and heard the speeches and everything. After everyone dispersed we cleaned the hall and went back to Jim's for a barbecue. Mary's family couldn't stay very long but it was nice to meet them. I got to hold the baby for a long time and he's just so precious, only 10 days old and so tiny and perfect. It's hard to imagine even my own children being so perfect. It was really sad when the night was over and we left because we don't know when we'll be able to see anyone again.

We went with Grampa, Linda, Uncle Bill, Cousin Bryan, and Cathy and Dennis to breakfast then headed to the airport. Our flight was right on time but our plane right was a mess. We were on the last row in the back of a DC 9, the windows were closed over and we were right next to the engines and it was insanely loud. Seriously the decibel level wasn't good. The landing was bit iffy, there wasn't any wind but we were rocking like crazy. We were all pretty happy when we landed in Detroit. The terminal was super long and it was so so expensive. It was definitely the most expensive of any airport I've been at. Abby bought a tiny bag of Sour Patch Kids and it cost over 4 dollars. We decided to wait till we got home to eat. After we landed, we drove back to the cottage and grabbed the Protege and headed back to the Mencke's. Keith's BIL Bob was visiting with James and Dana and we played around in the leaves with Blitz and then went to dinner at the new/relocated restaurant/market in Raymond near the cottage. The food was great but our server was a mess. She completely forgot the appetizers Bob ordered and screwed up a bunch of stuff. After dinner they went back to their hotel and we came back to the Mencke's. Ben and Kenz went out and played manhunt with Sam and Danielle. Ben broke two panes of glass from the Tack room off the Sunroom. While they were out there Cheri gave Blitz his newly washed bed and he started humping it!! It was so funny, I was laughing so hard I started wheezing. He didn't actually get anything under him since it's a pillow so it just looked like he was doing some really dirty dance. Classic. we decided it was called the Fluffenhump aka Blitz Fluffs it 'n Humps it! Pure LOLS

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some day I'll post daily....

Until then I'll continue playing catch-up every few days.

Went as planned. Took Breck to the airport in the afternoon, came, ate leftovers from the fridge and went to bed. I was a bit amused to see that mom had made sausages and potatoes and sausage/hamburger lasagna over the weekend. Oh the cholesterol! To be fair, she did have to cook for Leah and Matt.

Class class and more class. I finally got around to getting the seventy billion drafts of my paper that I had to have to hand it in together and passed it in. Childrens Lit was great, it was bring in picture books day so we got to sit around and look at all sorts of lovely picture books. Ben and I then sat in the Library and watched our favorite episode of Doctor Who "The Girl in The Fireplace" I love love love that one! After which he left and I waited around until about 5 when I went to the Cafe to heat up my Lean Cuisine (chicken broccoli alfreo-YUM!) The three girls I chat with in my World Literature class from heck came and at with me and it was nice we had a blast. Then we walked over to Henderson Hall and a girl from our class went up before us and as we were about to walk out of the stairwell she came back in and we all stopped dead in our tracks. Then the best thing ever happened and she let us know class was canceled! Ok now I'm the youngest of our group at 20, the oldest is 25. We shrieked like Nine year old at a Jonai Concert and ran for the door to see for oursleves. I wish I could have taped it it must have been such a scene we were jumping up and down and laughing hysterically. That is just how torturous that class is. I was a bit ticked she hadn't sent out an email or something seeing as how i'd waited around since 2:45 but hey I wasn't about to complain.

I don't know why I put an exclamation after that, today wasn't very eventful. Actually it was pretty slow. When I finally got up, we went to get ben a haircut. As usual the woman cut it way too short and managed to mess up wonderfully. At least this time he doesn't have a buzz cut. Then we proceeded to spend all freaking day finding all the necessary items for the trip to IN. I'll be getting up with him at 1:45 am to go to Chelmsford where I'll sleep in the car while he works and then it's off to school for us. And then off to NH! Hopefully we haven't forgotten anything. And if we have Que Sera Sera!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A-a-a-nd ....Catch up!

Ben and I have been up at the Mencke's since Friday. It's like our second home. Except it's much more relaxing (usually) and people are actually home!
Ok time to play catch up on the week.

I spent Thursday night at my mother's because Karen is visiting from England for a few weeks. We had dinner with her and Todd and Laurie and Aidan at Aunt Inie's. It's nice to be able to get to know her better. I finally found out where in England she lives so I can tell Liz.

Friday morning Mom and I went to Brothers for breakfast before Ben came to pick me up. When he did we went straight up to NH since he had a run to do for Keith. Breck is in for the weekend from Kentucky and he and Keith went down to NY to clean out Keith's dad's house. Kyle is so much like him it's crazy. He and Keith did a run to NY and the three women they took were super sketchy, very vague about everything and she had previously said to Keith after he accidentally spoke to some random guy when he called her "Did you tell him anything, I just need to get out of the country..." Um SKETCHY!!

So Saturday afternoon Ben took me back down to Boston because Donna was visiting from Georgia for the weekend. Mom, Donna and I went to Lynn's "Girl Party" It was a good time, yummy food and lots of funny drunk ladies- by the end of the night anyway. Ben picked me up again after a run to Logan and on our way back up we stopped and got soda and an Ice Cream cake and had a Nacho Libre viewing party. It was fun, that movie is hysterical. The only downsides were that Skyler was being his usual jerky annoying self and Blitz had an aggression incident. We gave him a leftover steak bone and when we stepped near him he started growling really bad and snapping a bit. I had to toss him down and pin him and after that we decided to work with him right then and there to try to curb it so we did the whole put it in front of him and make him leave it thing and then finally give it to him leave him for a minute then try to go near him, each time it got progressively much better until at one point he got up and went behind the couch with it. We didn't want him to be able to hide it from us so we tried to go near him and he freaked. Super growly, snarling and acting generally pretty vicious. I went near him and whacked the leash on the ground tell him to come and drop it etc but it didn't do much until I didn't back off and then he just snapped out of it. It was crazy he just dropped it and walked away. I felt like a proud parent that he had done well. After that there were no issues. We've really got to work things like this out now because he is gonna be flipping huge when he's full grown. He's barely six months and already 65 pounds. Yikes! I basically handled the whole thing and the only time I was worried was when Skyler kept trying petting him when I was trying to desensitize him, Excuse me!?! You're gonna get my fingers bit off by startling him! As usual no sense and not thought for anyone else, He was enjoying the whole thing, he thinks aggression is fun. Idiot.

Cheri, Kenz, Ben, Jericho and I went to this thing called Extreme Trail Ride, that Kenzie's trainer Kelly invited us to. Her riding group does it every year, they set up a bunch of crazy obstacles and make the horses walk though them over them etc. It was pretty neat. Kenzie actually ended up borrowing Kelly's huge draft mix Buddy and trying the intermediate course. She Placed second and she didn't even do one of the things! It was going over logs while going up and down a really steep hill, it was a little scary so Cheri was wary, so Kenz just took the minute penalty. It was a good time, the other members were very nice and the food afterwards was yummy. Ben and I decided to stay the night tonight because we didn't feel like going home. It was a fun choice. We ended up doing a nature scavenger hunt in the dark. We had to get all different leaves and some moss, a stick as big as your arm etc. We all had flashlights and we were on three teams. Mackenzie and Kayci, Ben and Jericho and Me and Blitz. Needless to say, my partner was the only one who ate one of the items so we had to go back and get another. I ended up winning but only because Kenzie didn't know what an Oak leaf was and apparently Ben didn't either because he told her some other leaf. Actually I would have won anyway if I hadn't run full out into the wheelbarrow and bust up my shin. Luckily it wasn't too bad, just a bunch of bruising and scraped skin. Afterwards Kenzie and I went in the Hot Tub for a bit.

And today hasn't really started yet but so far it looks pretty basic. I have to do all the reading and catch up on the writing responses for my 3 hour World Lit class from heck. Ben and I were planning on going home when he got home from work but Cheri needs to take Kenz to PT and Breck needs a ride to the Airport to go home in the afternoon, so we'll stay and do that. This week is gonna be pretty crazy I think. Thursday the (Bonnice) family is sleeping at the cabin since we are leaving really early Friday out of Manchester to go out to Indiana for Uncle Jim's wedding. I'm hoping Ben and I can just come up straight from school because it's be a huge PITA to go back down to Boston at rush hour only to wait around for a long time and drive up to a cabin where we then need to do dinner and get the fire going to heat the place. Not happening. I'm really hoping we get a chance to see April's baby while we're out there. At the rate family visits are going we won't get another chance till he's walking and talking.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mmmm Handbags

In order to promote their opening HandbagPlanet is giving away free bags. Go and Enter!

Behold the Ridiculousness that is MCC

The MCC Office of the president is doing a new promotion and is running around campus rangling stuents to stand next to the President looking happy and interested and so NOT posed. Yeah ok. Pictures later to prove my point!

EDIT: Ok. So I never got pictures. But you can envision the redonk of it all.