Sunday, April 25, 2010

A mob after my own heart...

I've found my people. Apparently there's a festival called Sechseläuten every year in Zurich, Switzerland in the third week in April. It's a Spring festival to usher in the nice weather and be done with Winter. Well I say Amen to that. Tons of people show up, there's a huge parade and politicians throw on their good pantyhose and run through the streets in traditional garb.
But that's not what makes it awesome. It's awesome because -Wait for it.....They Blow up a snowman. They have an effigy of a snowman filled with fireworks that they place on top of a big pyre. He's kinda cute right?

Apparently not after a long winter.
I mean seriously, if we hadn't been having nice weather in Boston lately, by now I'd be ready to blow up Frosty too.
But there's more. They light the bottom of the pyre and then wait for the flames to reach the snowman. When it does, his legs generally blow off first, followed by his arms and chest. But the real excitement comes when his head explodes. Yup, winter drives people so crazy that they created a festival where the climax is the exploding head of an adorable snowman.

The story goes that the longer it takes for the explosion the more rainy and crap the summer will be and the quicker his head explodes the more likely it will be warm and sunny and beautiful.

I don't know about you, but if I were sure that blowing off his head as quickly as possible would bring me warm beautiful weather, poor little snowman would have a stick of dynamite up his nose. Nothing personal dude, I just start to get a little stir crazy right about the time March rolls in.

This year it took 12 minutes 54 seconds which is apparently a pretty decent time.