Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It doesn't rain but it pours...

While the title of this post could easily refer to the massive flooding around Massachusetts, it doesn't. Luckily my home and my family have been spared for the most part, but it doesn't take a very long look around to find homes that have been entirely flooded. Or, you know, people kayaking on fair grounds.
It's sights like those homes in the middle of rivers that remind me to be grateful for what little troubles I do have. Even when they feel monstrous, they could be monumentally worse.

We've been having one problem after another with our "good" car lately. Not our beat up old civic that we run into the ground but our pretty silver Mazda. First it was New belts and horrible squealing. When we fixed that, it was new tires. Then the squealing again even when the belts were supposedly fine. Then the emergency brake light wouldn't go off. Then we need new brakes. And finally today, as I was leaving school, the power steering belt ripped to shreds.

::Headdesk:: That alone wouldn't have been so bad, I still could have managed to drive home using only brute force to steer but it happened to take the belt that powers the alternator and water pump with it when it went. No water pump means no water running through the engine to cool it, which means I could warp the whole engine. No good. And as much as my husband says he wants to put a Turbo Charged engine into the car, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't thank me for ruining the engine. So thankfully we had AAA and the nice man only charged Half and arm and half a leg to tow it from Billerica to Boston.

On top of all this, our insurance company is refusing to return our $500 deductible from a long ago accident that they agree was entirely not out fault, but the woman who's fault it was won't talk to her insurance company so they claim we're just SOL. Does that make sense to you? If it does, fill me in, I'd love to understand. We're filing a claim with the Insurance Bureau or something but if we do get the money back it's going to be a long fight for it.

And the iPad came out this weekend and it's beautiful and lovely and so much nicer than my iTouch. But, since we can't seem to stop the holes in our bank account, it looks like I won't be getting to replace my laptop anytime soon.

*sigh* At least the weather has been wonderful. If there's a silver lining around, thats it.