Monday, April 12, 2010

Mouthwatering Monday

I'm far too underachieving to post a recipe today but I have to rave about a food that has made my monday so utterly delicious. It's this.

This is Bánh tét.
It may not look mouthwatering to everyone, but to me it's amazing.
Bánh tét is Vietnamese and it's made with sticky rice, mung beans and fatty pork wrapped in banana leaves and steamed for something like 6 hours. Needless to say, I don't make it myself. I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful Vietnamese lunch shop right down the street from my house which makes Bánh tét as well as the square version of it, Bánh Chung. As far as I can tell, there's not any difference apart from one being a cylinder and one being a cube. I think one way is how they do it in the north the other is from the south; but I have no idea which is which.

I buy the Bánh tét because the little asian woman who works in the shop likes it when I do. Apparently, I'm the only (or close to it) white girl who buys it because the few times I send my husband to get it for me, the women behind the counter question him - "This for your wife? She comes in here?" They find me amusing; I think they like that I enjoy the food they make and they're happy when I know something about their culture. They seemed shocked when I wished them Happy (Lunar) New Year.
While I'm proud to have a basic knowledge of many other cultures, it makes me a little sad that that makes me something of a novelty.

Food is yummy, and I'll be damned if me not being from a certain cultural background is going to stop me from eating it!