Saturday, April 10, 2010

Time not only flies, it apparently takes the Concorde

See this little nugget here?

She's my cousin; the first one I ever got. She makes me feel old.

She used to sit in my lap. Even when I was 13 and didn't bother washing off my makeup for days.

She loved me despite my awkward-dress-like-you're-40-in-middle-school phase.

And she's been making me feel old for a while now. Like when she turned 7 and we went to Disney.

Where's my baby?

But see now, she makes me feel even older. Maybe not age-wise, I know I'm still young. But you don't realize quite how much 10 years is until this

becomes this

And she's a wise ass just like you were at that age and the phone never leaves her hand and she's as tall as you are when she wears heels and she wears heels.
And suddenly instead of "melmo" and sesame street you're chatting about cliques and boys and holy crap where is my baby?
She turned 12 on thursday and when I tell her how she makes me feel old and how I remember the day she was born and how her mom got mad at me for saying she looked like a grumpy old asian man, she rolls her eyes at me.

But thats okay because this guy?

This little nugget turned 1 on Wednesday.

And one day, faster than she realizes, she's gonna look at this picture and say "Where's my baby!?"

And he'll roll his eyes at her. And the cycle will come full circle once again.

P.S. My only consolation it that even though she's grown like a bean pole, I can still put in a headlock just like old times :D

But she grew up fine anyway right? Apparently older kids harrassing the younger ones is tradition.

Happy Birthday, Guys!


Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

I love this. Love it. Love it. My oldest nephew turned 21 in March. I had similar sentiments.