Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For Maddie

I've been thinking about what to say in this post all day.Debating whether to post at all. Whether my words would cheapen the day because I never got to know Madeline. But that's where it lies isn't it? I never got to know Madeline. Most of us never did. Every day there are children that the world will never get to meet. And yet, this little girl that I never got the chance to know touches my life regularly. I think of her often, when I see a big toothy grin on a baby girl, or hear her name. And I think of how unfair it is. I know the world was robbed of Maddie. Just as they were robbed of my friend's son Kadin and countless others. I wish I'd gotten the chance to watch them grow. To feel the same excitement for them as I do for others when their parents proudly post new pictures of them. I often wonder where the sense is in any of it. When I see things on the news and in my life. Of parents who fail to care for their children. Who neglect them, don't appreciate them, put them in danger. I see people who would be, and are, wonderful parents denied the chance to be parents, while others who show no merit continue to overlook their blessings. These children, who were taken from us far too soon, are loved more than can be expressed with words. They are thought of constantly even by those who never got the chance to hold them. But it is for for those who did get to hold them, those who rocked them and sang to them, who dreamt of their lives and had it torn away, for them that I decided to post. I don't know your pain, I can't understand it's depth. But I can give what I can. I will think of your children for the rest of my life. And today I'll be making a donation to March of Dimes. And I'll be praying. For strength, for peace and for amazing miracles; that the world will stop being robbed of it's babies.