Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunday Snippets

It's Sunday and I can't bring myself to get up to use the bathroom never-mind write a well thought out blog post (do I ever, really?) so here we go - Sunday Snippets

*My nails are currently painted "Absolutely Alice" by O.P.I.

*I hate the rain that we've been having lately. I want the warm weather back.

*I love rain in the summer. I like to go out and play in it. I drag my cousins out to do this with me when I can.

*Occasionally, very odd things happen in my house. Like you try to go throw something away and there are three little dolls staring back at you.

* I still have a plethora of uneaten Easter Candy.

*This includes 5 packages of peeps that are sitting open on the mantle drying out. I only like Peeps when they're crazy stale.

*I bought a Betta fish today. He's Blue with little parts that are green or red. I'd post a picture but he's currently two floors away and remember that whole "It's sunday and I'm lazy" thing? So I'll just have to owe you one.

* A few weeks ago, I bought a hamster. I'd never seen a hamster with his coloring and I couldn't resist. He's a sweetie and he's on the same floor as me so you get a picture. (In other news, he peed on me when I was trying to take his picture so you just get another IOU)

*Turns out his coloring is "Dove" which is pretty much like a grey cardboard color. When I don't have my glasses on, he blends in with his bedding and I just see movement with no definition.

*This is the best parking meter ever. It made me laugh pretty hard when I went to go put money in it.

Also, this backfired on me, as I had to go up those two flights of stairs to change after I got peed on. See, moms of fur-babies lead glamorous lives too.
The End


Doll Clothes Gal Pal said...

The parking meter is super funny!!!

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

If I would have opened that trash, I would have screamed blood murhder!