Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me...

Have you ever had one of those birthdays that just doesn't feel like your birthday? That's how my birthday was this year. And that's not to say that I didn't have fun, because I did. In fact, I claimed the whole weekend because my birthday was on Monday. We had two great barbecues, spent a day a the flea market, (if you're ever looking for "confuse" scented incense I know where to find 'em) rode around in my friend's convertible, had an awesome Konditor Meister cake, and had an all around good time. My husband even took the next day of work so we didn't have to come home and go to bed by 6:30 - Score!

And I went to Coldstone Creamery for the first time! Thanks to the Boil Water order that Boston was under until today, they couldn't actually use the stone and mix anything in so it was underwhelming. I mean their Ice cream is good, but holy god is it expensive and Dorchester happens to have it's own little gem of a "homemade ice cream with mix ins" place of its own that was around long before Coldstone, the Ice Creamsmith. So I'm more than a little biased.

My skepticism shows, right?
That lovely little hat I'm wearing was my husband's present to me. As well as a bunch of pastries from Konditor Meister.

Raspberry Mousse Cups and Chantilly Swans. The Chantilly Swans didn't make it to the photo-op.

But it never felt like my birthday. It sucks a little bit but I'm okay with it. I was never really hyped up about it so it's not really a big let down. It's more of an oddity than anything. Why am I so blase about it? Who knows. Anyway, in a few weeks my Sister in law and are are having what we're calling a joint birthday party (her's was a week before mine) but what is really just an excuse to have cake. Two cakes, in fact. Maybe more; I can't make any prmoises about our ability to self-control. I had fun, I had cake and I'm going to have more fun and even more cake in a few weeks and that's what birthdays are all about anyway.

But if anyone asks, I'm blaming it on the fact that my birthday was on a monday. Mondays ruin everything.

P.S. Birthday Candles with your name on them seem like a really cool idea until you light them and they melt dramatically while everyone is singing and then it goes from fun to kind of feeling like you're being ritually burned in effigy ala Frosty the snowman.


Victoria said...

Umm a few points...
1. I was promised a trip to this mysterious Konditor Meister over a year ago. Add it to the "places we need to go eat at" list.
2. I now want cake. Like CRAVING cake.
3. I bet your birthday would have felt like YOUR birthday if we went to the beach and played at the arcades and made fun of the toothless guy who tried to hit on us with your husband right there
4. Ben and I still want a June Pirate Half Birthday Party. Lily can celebrate too. She qualifies. :)

Victoria said...
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