Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Snippets

1. I'm so grateful for all the support I got about my last post. It means a lot.

2. On that note, remember to hug the ones you love, don't take any time with them for granted.

3. I spent a lot of time this week with a certain couple of people I love. One of them learned a new trick called hitting. It was interesting to see her thinking things through and her behavior evolve (not necessarily always for the better) as I tried to teach her that "We don't hit. We do gentle with out hands." :P

4. Back to my first note - Quality time doesn't have to be sappy. As I mentioned in this post, swearing at each other can be a bonding experience too. Like when I told my SIL to eff off as I waved goodbye today. It makes some people (like my MIL) cringe, but it works for us.

5. According to our Children's Museum membership, my SIL and I are a couple. We have three kids ages 12, 6 and 1. We were apparently very busy teenagers! (In related news, I'm a Children's Museum member which means I can bring a bunch of people with me whenever I go, so tell me if you want to go - I'm not averse to be used when I get to spend time with people!)

6. I got a Venus Fly Trap from the Children's Museum today. I captured ants from the yard and sadistically giggled as I fed them to it. I can't wait until it opens again so I can feed it again! Maybe I'll video it, it's very cool! Don't they look wonderfully monstrous?

7. My cleavage can double as a cup holder. This come in handy when we go to Sonic and order twice as many Rt 44's as we have cup holders.

8. I found this in the back of the fridge this week. I was both horrified and fascinated by how much mold there can be while seemingly fresh strawberry is still there.

9. I went on a spider killing spree a few nights ago. My BIL couldn't step up to the plate so through hyperventilating I grabbed the Lysol and sprayed 3 spiders to death. I threw another one out the door on the end of my pizza board. For a few moments I had my shit together and was a killing machine! Then I got all twitchy and paranoid. These were spiders of doom and I'm convinced these were sent to get me by the Spiders of Death.

10. I can't think of anything else so here're some pictures of my gratuitously cute niece :)

11. I meant to only go to 10 but I forgot to mention that I went to the Hot Dog Safari today. It was a bit of a let down compared to previous years. They raised the price $5, which is fine, it's for charity anyway, but they also made drinks $1 which would have been fine if it hadn't been small cups of yucky fountain soda. My big qualm was that it didn't open at 9am like it usually does. It opened at 12 this year and it was a big crowded mess. Usually we've come and gone by 12 when it becomes a madhouse and it just wasn't as enjoyable with all the rudeness in the crowd. That didn't stop me from eating copious (read: too many) hot dogs, cups of pot pie etc.