Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What is it about you that makes me act like this?

I made Baked Macaroni and Cheese for dinner today. I know why I did it, but it was still a terrible idea. It was almost 90 degrees out and here I was with the oven on full blast, boiling macaroni and stirring a hot pot of cheese. If you were ever wondering what meal is the worst to prepare in the heat, Baked mac and cheese gets my vote. But my husband asked for it and so I made it.

It's funny, sometimes I would laugh in his face and call him an idiot for even suggesting it, and other times (like today, apparently) I'll do it just because he asks. Sometimes, like today, I'm an awesome wife. I make him snacks for when he wakes up and I decorate bags like this one.

But other times, I'm seriously mean. At those times, "Please don't leave me" by P!nk becomes my theme song. "I can be so mean when I wanna be, I am capable of really anything, I can cut you into pieces" Just about says it all.

So sometimes I'm an awesome, kickass wife and other times I'm a not so awesome get away from me or I'm gonna kick your ass wife. There must be a happy medium and hopefully eventually I'll find it.

Until then, every once in a while, I'll bake my husband mac and cheese on a 90 day and leave him love notes on his lunch bags. God only knows he deserves it, and right now I'm all about trying to appreciate what I have.