Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Snippets

1. So much for that meme helping me post regularly :P

2. I have an excuse. I swear it's valid!

3. It has to do with this.

4. And a certain sister-in-law graduating.

5. So I was in Albany this weekend. Which means I got to cuddle with this little munchkin.

6. My SIL was so into her degree and studied so hard that her daughter actually came out looking Korean!

7. Or maybe it's because her dad actually is Korean. The Jury's still out.

8. I kidnapped munchkin and her college graduate mom back to Boston. I have them all week :D

9. This isn't so much a Sunday snippets as me being too lazy to make paragraphs.

10. I don't regret anything.


ken said...

hey, i know that kid.


Victoria said...

haha I love #6!