Sunday, January 31, 2010

This is why I'm hot...or ya know, not.

It's Doppleganger week on Facebook. Did you know? Another one of those silly status things telling you to change your picture is going around. This time its to your celebrity lookalike. Usually these things would fly under my radar but as it turns out, a few of my friends have amazing similarities to very pretty celebs e.g. Penelope Cruz, Shirley Manson etc. My vanity got the best of me and I was off into the interwebs to find my celebrity lookalike. So imagine my chagrin when the first try garnered Sean Astin! as in, Sam Gamges the hobbit. Yeah. This guy.
I think the Banana Hammock really brings home how embarrassing this is. Must be a fluke right? Of course it only gets better. A second trip to Photo Booth and who is my new twin? Rupert "Ron Weasley" Grint. Awesome.
That look? That was pretty much my reaction too. A few million pictures later I was still a boy but at least I was hot, Gael Garcia Bernal is smoking.
And even though I know I look nothing like him, it helped ease my sorely wounded pride.

The real lesson to come from this came while I was looking for pictures to upload though. And that lesson is this:
I'm totally awkward, and this comes across really well in pictures.
Exhibit 1

Now, I know you're all going "come on, that's it?" And my response is, Oh hell no.
Exhibit 2

Even a pretty dress, make-up and an awesome professional photographer can't hide it...
I don't know when this happened. I mean, I was a completely normal child...

Okay so maybe not. I've been a little weird all my life. So when I find a good picture of myself I keep it around for a while. You know, to remind people that every now and then I'm not a complete spaz. And the other day when I held my arm out and shot my first self portrait with my new lens and got a pretty picture, I thanked God because it's been a year since I hanged my Facebook picture and obviously Doppleganger week isn't going to change that. But this...

This will. And I don't think anyone will be able to pry this lens from me, even from my cold dead hands.


Momisodes said...

I LOVE the last photo of you. You look gorgeous! Really, you do.

And I have no idea what you're talking about. You are way more photogenic than you give yourself credit for.