Friday, January 29, 2010

What do you title a post about cheese?

I was driving home yesterday and I was eating some deli cheese out of my grocery bags when I started thinking about american cheese singles and precut american. They're weird. Somewhere along the way they transform, become almost jelly-like. I always thought it had something to do with the plastic the singles were wrapped in, but my friend's mom used to buy the pre-sliced stuff from the deli and it too was oddly un-cheese like. Do people prefer this sort of cheese? I was always fascinated by them as a kid. But then again I also really liked those gummy hamburger things because I thought they weren't really food. I thought they were like, some sort of edible eraser. Cheese singles have that same sort of not-food quality. On an only slightly related note, one time when we were in Canada, my husband asked for American cheese on his sandwich. The lady behind the counter got all annoyed and said "You mean processed cheddar." Until that time I didn't even know what kind of cheese "american" cheese was.

I realize this is a pretty useless post but I've been working off an iPod touch for the past week since my husband needs the computer for school. Since I've found myself with the computer I figured I should try to post while I can. And so a random cheese post is born. I should get some time on the computer this weekend. I'll try to do better, promise.

But I mean, I'm right, right? Does anyone not think individually packaged cheese is weird?