Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gone out with a bang.

2009 ended in just about the busiest month I have ever had. Ever. I had two birthdays to manage, (one of which was a big first birthday party, the other of which was my husband's) two finals to take (both of which I aced), working, Christmas shopping/wrapping etc and a seven hour drive to western New York at 5pm on Christmas Day. Needless to say it's been a bit crazy and as much as I enjoyed the Holidays and seeing all my family, I'm glad it's over with.

And yet with all the insanity that happened in the past month, nothing blog worthy really went on. Nothing I could manage to wax poetic about anyway. So I'll just begin the New Year with a photo review of the past month, A prayer that this year would be fulfilling and blessed for me, my family and all of my friends and this thought: As I stood drying my hands under the super Xlerator dryer in the bathroom at IKEA today, I felt like my resolution should be to tone up my hands. Those things make my hands looks like jello :P

My niece was entirely disgusted by the smashcake I made for her. Just after this picture was taken she took her frosting covered hand and wiped it all over me and my new dress. :D

These were new candles when they were put on but my In laws sing so many versions of Happy Birthday that this was what was left when they were done.

Drunken Santa! My family's favorite Christmas ornament :D

Did I mention we also went to Canada? I went to Toronto and we visited the CN Tower. I don't think my husband will ever forgive me for scaring the shit out of him by pushing him right after he got the courage to step onto the glass floor (1,122 ft above the ground). Whatever, it was hilarious and totally worth it :D

And that, my friends, is what happens when you use your Macbook on your lap and in bed all the time and ruin your Logic Board. Hello, $400 fix.

I'm considering trying to do a Picture a Day this year. Since I'm already 4 days behind I'll have to tweek some rules so I don't get too discouraged and quit altogether but I think I'm going to try and do it.

Happy New Year! Here's hoping 2010 is filled with Health and Happiness...


Evilqueen said...

this christmas was a total testament that you have been paying attention to me all these Years!!! I could not have done it working all the hours that I had to . Christmas was absolutely all on you!! you came through with flying colors!!The party you threw for Lilly was another total success! You have learned well my only child!! You make me PROUD!! <3 You ! Love MoM