Thursday, January 14, 2010

I just gleeked all over my keyboard...

That might be TMI for some people, I dunno. If it is, sorry. It has nothing to do with this post, but it really did just happen. Did you know that gleeking is the word for when you yawn or something and saliva shoots out? Word of the day: Gleeking.

Moving swiftly onward...

January 12

I'm cleaning and trying to sort through the hundreds of magazines I have hoarded. I've just started on the Martha Stewart Livings as you can see. I'm going through and taking out anything I like and recycling the rest. Black for design/building ideas, Turquoise for crafty ideas and projects and patterned for interesting recipes.

January 13

I made a quadruple batch of hungarian goulash. This is the Brown sugar (kind of invisible, it's under the..), Paprika, Dry Mustard and salt. I love the way different spices look together. It's that reason alone that I put them into bowls rather than just tossing everything in.

January 14

This is proof that my SIL Leah rocks. She went through all the trouble of sending my cookbook off to have it signed by The Pioneer Woman. And I love her for it and I threw a little happy fit when it came and may or may not have scared and/or totally confused my MIL.

So far I've only made the Ranch dressing from it but that was delicious. And it looked oh so lovely tonight over the wedge salads I made. I love that I can cut a head of iceberg into wedges, toss dressing over it and say I made wedge salads. It sounds fancy. Even if my family had never heard of that concept and all looked at me like I'd gone totally bananas when I placed a bowl with a hunk of lettuce in front of them. And they all smiled and nodded at me very sweetly when I explained that this wasn't something I had come up with on my own and was trying to pass off on them. I tried explaining how the wedge salad was an actual thing that even very fancy restaurants have and they all said oh... and obviously didn't believe me. My gastronomic explorations are wasted on my family I tell you, wasted! My husband would be tickled pink if I just served pasta every night and I'm sure this will only go downhill when kids enter the scene. :sigh:

Maybe someday my kids will be gastronomes and I'll live in a house where people can appreciate this beautiful, and very tasty, salad.

...actually that does look a bit dodgy.

P.S. Oh yeah. It's delurker day for another half our or so. Not that I think anyone reads this other than my mother, Sister in law and Momisodes[who I will love to the ends of the earth for commenting and following me :D] but on the off chance that you aren't one of them and you read this in the next half hour, drop me a comment and tell me... Oh I dunno your opinion on that wedge salad up there. Who cares, just say hi :)

P.P.S. I love you too Leah, I already said it right there in the post.

P.P.P.S. Mom, I'll love you when you comment. Just Kidding, you probably couldn't figure it out anyway! ;P hehehe


Momisodes said...

I love that you teach me new words when I come here :) Saves me visits to Urban Dictionary!
The salad looks and sounds delicious. And that's pretty huge coming from me. I had to eat nothing but salad for months and couldn't touch it again for over a year. But that looks yummy!

Evilqueen said...

U will pay for these SMART ASS REMARKS!!LOL!!

km12bwch said...

haha Evil queen. I may be late but i am lurching. and yes the fancy restaurant i work at gets $9. for a quarter of a head of iceberg and yours looked yummy!