Monday, January 11, 2010

I got my picture today! Also, I'm an insufferable nerd...

Jan 11

I snapped this on Deer Island. My husband and I were there not to take advantage of the pretty lighting or watch the beautiful sunset. No, we didn't even look as the sun set at our backs. And I snapped this picture on a whim as we bolted back to the car. We weren't even there for the brisk walk we ended up taking. With no coats I might add - It was freaking freezing. Wind off the water in January is not something to be toyed with. But toy we did and why? Because we saw windmills!! Two of them! We saw them from a few miles away and got so excited that we drove there right away and immediately agreed to walk the mile+ that it was to see the windmills up close. Then we stood there out in the open until our ears were burning and we couldn't feel our legs. We would have left earlier but the windmills kept starting and stopping so we had to stand there and watch them feather the blades. Duh. And I'm only being a little sarcastic here because I was all for it. Which leaves me with the lesson I learned today. My husband and I are nerdy enough to walk over a mile there and back, without coats, in 20 degrees with a serious wind coming off the atlantic to stare at windmills for fifteen minutes. And be excited about it. And while we will probably bring coats next time, it won't be the last time we go and watch the windmills. I'm grateful for my husband. Plenty of guys would have thought I was crazy. Apparently I'm lucky I found someone as nerdy as myself :)

Ain't they perty?


Momisodes said...

If I confess that your afternoon sounded amazing, like a dream, would I be considered nerdy too? :)

Those photos are amazing!
However, I'm not sure I would have lasted in the cold. I've been here in New England for over 3 years, and I'm still always cold.