Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pictures make everything better. Or they did until now.

I was doing so well! I had the blogging thing down and then- Boom! I missed a few days, got discouraged and didn't ever want to come back. But that's stupid so here, look at some pictures while I spend the next day or two getting together my next post. I took pictures specifically for it and everything, it might even be worth reading :D

Until then let's ignore the fact that I haven't posted in weeks and look at some pictures!

I took this at night near Ft, Sewall in Marblehead.Night shots are cool! Right? Right?!

The aftermath of the July 4th fireworks in Winthrop. They unsurprisingly lit the park on fire. It's practically tradition.

A suitably dramatic picture I took of Davey Havok of AFI at a show in RI. They are so good in concert.

I definitely may or may not have a Sonic "problem"

Let this be a lesson. Always check the freezer before buying more Ice Cream! Even when you're feeding 14 people.

These are tiny little grapes! Champagne grapes. They're TINY!

Now aren't you glad I posted? Your life feels more complete now that you've seen these pictures doesn't it? you're a changed person now that you've seen tiny grapes, a flamboyant rock star and know that I visit Sonic far too much.

I often have that sort of enlightening effect on people.

I also tend to get this look whenever I say that.