Thursday, August 26, 2010

Madi Diaz & The Civil Wars

I must say, seeing live music - fantastic live music, is the best way to spend a wednesday night ever. It makes it even better if one of the people singing that live music is a friend of yours who you haven't seen in ages.

The night started of rather inauspicious. I almost ended up going by myself but my Aunt Lindsay pulled through at the final hour. So we started of a tad late but made good time into Cambridge. The problem came when we finally made it the right block on Mass Ave and for the life of us couldn't figure out where the club was. We were sure it was an even number address and we were sure it must be right and front of us so we parked and walked down the street. We made it a bit before we just asked someone for directions, at which point they raised an eyebrow at us and pointed directly across the street to a building with a giant lizard on it.

Did I mention they played at the Lizard Lounge? Yeah. GO us!

So anyway, even though we were late we got in before the Civil Wars started their set. And when they began I was blown away. I knew anyone Madi was touring with would be decent at least so I didn't bother checking them out before hand. So it was a more than pleasant surprise when they began singing and not only were they better than decent, they were amazing. Apparently, their song Poison and Wine was on Grey's Anatomy and it doesn't surprise me because it's great, and it's deep.

As great as they were though, I was bouncing inside for Madi to take the floor. Lindsay and I both worked with Madi several years ago at the Pour House in Boston. Back then I managed to finagle a copy of her demo and haven't stopped listening to her since. I've never been able to catch one of her shows though until tonight. So despite the fact that I'm leaving in a few hours for a trip to the Adirondacks, there was no way I was missing this show. And thank goodness because seeing her live cemented it.

I fucking love Madi Diaz.

I wish I could buy out the whole club and make all my friends and family come and watch her so I can fangirl over her and they'll know what I mean. I mean even the Russian Judge would give her at least a 9.5. She's awesome. Not only does she crank out beautiful tunes like nobody's business, she's a total babe and she's got a kickass personality. She's real and she's amazing and I fucking love her. Period.

Now go listen to her shit and tell me you love it.

You may want to lie to me if you're crazy and don't, because I'll more than likely just try to school you on why you're crazy and wrong. :D