Saturday, August 21, 2010

Apple and Oranges

I have an excuse I swear!

It's even a good excuse. My computer has been out of commission all week.

I woke up Monday morning to it showing no signs of life. At. All.

Panic ensued would have ensued if I hadn't been covered by AppleCare.

Instead I strutted down to the Apple store, pushed my way past the throngs of hooligans playing bejeweled on the iPods and distraught old ladies wondering why the laptop they haven't charged in weeks won't turn on and told a "genius" what was up.They took it in and gave it to me the next day wherein it proceeded to work perfectly until I noticed it wasn't. Which was the next morning.

So then I got a bit annoyed because when I get my computer back from being "fixed" all my lights should work and it shouldn't be overheating, right? Right.

Luckily, the genius agreed with me and told me that my lights hadn't been hooked up properly and that he was very sorry but if the person who "fixed" it hadn't remembered to reattach the lights then they might not have done the not-overheating-the-motherboard-thingy right either and would I mind very much if they kept it overnight to take it apart again and make sure it really was fixed? He then told us, and this is key, to "call if you haven't heard from us tomorrow, I'll make sure this gets looked at tonight."

So once again I left my lifeline at the genius bar and walked shakily all the way home, unaware of anything but the absence of my computer back to my car where Ben proceeded to drive me home and I went to bed early because I was bored.

We hadn't heard anything by 1pm so we called to see what was up and then Apple let me down. When we asked about our computer, the rudey, 'tudey (and not in the fresh and fruity delicious IHOP way) guy on the phone told us "your computer hasn't even been looked at yet. There are 20 computers in front of you. We'll call you when it's ready." Hold up, did I just hear you right?Is this PC pretending to be Mac? The cute hipster dude is gonna walk out any second now right? What? This is really Apple? My love, my life, provider of all things fun and friendly? You guys are the ones who effed it up this time. I know I may have had you guys fix my computer before from toddlers stepping on it and my using it in bed with the fans all smothered by blankets but this time wasn't my fault!

So Ben and I were all riled up and we went to the mall to yell at someone in person. By the time we reached the mall Ben wasn't angry anymore and started to politely ask about our computer. But I was still pissed and so of course cut him off letting the very large, nice and now very confused man know, in a calm but obviously very annoyed manner, exactly why they were wrong in having 20 computers in front of us, unless of course they had also managed to screw up those 20 before they wreaked havoc on ours. Nice man smiled and nodded and took all my very calm but annoyed ranting and then went to go check on my computer. After a few minutes he came back out and told me they were waiting for a new fan and it should be done today, tomorrow at the very latest.


Oh. Ok. Why couldn't Rudy McGrumpyphoneanswerer just say that? I then managed to further confuse large, nice man by Smiling and thanking him and being perfectly fine with that answer when he obviously expected to have to deal with some wrath.

And I got my computer back today. They replaced the fan and the logicboard and everyone was wonderful and nice in their blue shirts just like it should be. And despite what people may say about this being a post against Apple and their products, this is exactly why I buy Apple. Because these are computers. They are going to break, and when they do I want to be able to run to the mall and cry at someone who will take it and tell me it'll be all better and give it back to me within a few days even when they have to replace the motherboard and the fan and whatever else. And thanks to AppleCare I didn't have to pay for it. Yes, I paid for it when I bought the computer but with this repair alone it paid for itself over 5 times. I don't expect electronics not to break, but I expect good service when they do. And yes the guy on the phone was a jerk but you know what? I was shocked by it. I would have not have been at all shocked by that sort of treatment had I been dealing with Best Buy or Dell Techs or whoever else. I don't have to call and talk to some bored Indian half a world away who'l have to repeat everything twice and will ask me to restart my computer and see if it helps. Yeah thanks, I tried that. I can deal with people who are 15 minutes away and 9 times out of 10 I'll walk away smiling.

So that's my excuse, which turned into a rant, which turned into a rave for Apple products. I'm a fangirl, what can I say.

And at some point I really will put those pictures to use and write the post I've been planning. Probably.


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