Thursday, October 14, 2010

TGI-Almost Friday

So I started working this week. Like, a real live job. I'm working at UPS at the same Hub and shift as Ben but in a different center so we don't really see each other very much. And it didn't take me very long to remember something I had almost forgotten.

I hate working.

It's true. And waking up at 2:30am for the privilege only compounds my hatred. And that means going to bed at around 6:30 Which ends up leaving me about an hour or two to relax get ready for the next day. I go to school with Ben after work and just wait for him to be done since I hate the thought of driving two cars back and forth from Chelmsford on a daily basis. So even if it's my own fault, I have no time to do anything during the week. And then I have to lift all sorts of heavy boxes for hours on end and it makes me whiny and stupid (have you noticed? haha). Only in my head and once I leave work though. Outwardly at work I'm smiley and trying to be positive. If I'm not I'll end up being wholly miserable and nobody likes the miserable bitch. I can't do much about the bitch part (I'm reasonably sure it's genetic) but I refuse to reveal my misery!

I've been really working for 2 days now and today was better than yesterday but there's one thing that hasn't changed. I get really motion sick for about an hour a day. Basically the floor between the trucks and the cages where I get the packages is a big belt. For about a half hour a day they turn on the belt, which happens to run in the opposite direction that the cages move. Which isn't so much fun when you reach into the cages (they are huge) and your upper body is in a cage moving one way and your lower body is being dragged the other so you have to keep stepping. But that's not the real issue. Since that's all I can see, I get instantly looped. The floor is moving one way, the walls are moving another and I'm not actually moving but my body freaks out. It's so odd, rides don't make me sick, boats do nothing to me but shaky movie cameras and other odd visual things send me reeling. It's not so much fun.

But I work through it because I have to and I watch how I'm feeling really closely so I don't puke on anyone's packages. I am technically a temporary employee until they decide to keep me on after the holidays, which they usually do. But if I suck too much, can't do my job or the managers don't like me I'm out.

It's not fun but it's money that will be saving up for me to buy a house and that's what I care about. I can do it so even if I don't like I will. Maybe I'll end up actually posting now that I have all the time to waste while sitting at UML.