Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Big E!

I write these posts in my head before I type them out. So I'm consistently confused when a post I've been mulling over for ages hasn't actually been written yet. What can I say; senility is setting in early...

A few days Almost a month ago, Ben, Lindsay, Bryan and I took my cousins to the middle of nowhere. At least that's where I told them they were going, which wasn't entirely a lie since we had to drive 2 hours out the Mass Pike and I feel secure in saying that that might as well be the middle of nowhere.

However, there happens to be a big ol' fair in the middle of nowhere!

That big ol' fair is otherwise known as The Eastern States Exposition or The Big E. It's basically a state fair for all of New England, or if you're from around Boston, a bigger version of Topsfield.

One of the biggest draws is the fair food and we wasted no time getting down to biz-nass.

Big ass-E Creampuffs

Huge Baked Potatoes from Maine

Corn Dog!

Please excuse the muffin top, bra straps and glazed look. It's the fair, it does things to you.

Actually, it might be the all the "fried" that does things to you.

Only here could you find deep fried peanut butter banana right next to Indian food.

Mmmm Deep Fried....

And we had our share of Deep Fried goodness. I remembered just in time to get a shot of the last deep fried oreo. I wasn't quick enough with the cheesecake. Or the chocolate covered bacon, or the kettle corn or anything else that I can't remember that we clogged our arteries with.

But this was the true heart attack inducing gem. Look closely...

Yes. That is. A bacon cheeseburger on a glazed doughnut.

And this is me carrying a tired (and quite heavy) six year old in a vain attempt to mimic some sort of exercise. It's all about self delusion!