Monday, December 13, 2010

Things I learned this weekend

1. If you eat crap all weekend, you will feel like crap by Monday. The feeling may be proportional to the amount of crap eaten.

2. Doritos with Cream Cheese doesn't become not-crap just because you used Neufchatel.

3. Things generally aren't as delicious as you remember them being when you were a kid. See above.

4. Using older kids to entertain and occupy younger kids is full of win.

5. Three kids with a 5 year age gap each is just about perfect for this.

6. Hiding presents at the back of the tree doesn't work. The 2 Year old will simply climb under the tree.

7. When someone in your household asks you to keep a few of those Oreo truffles rather than sending them all to work with your husband, say no. Or say yes and do it anyway. Otherwise they will taunt you from the cake dish.

8. When it comes to leftover Konditor Meister cake, this too will taunt you. And there is no way to get your brain on board that eating it will only make that crap feeling worse.

9. If you cram 20ish people into your first floor and cook all day, it actually gets warm! However, this only makes it feel colder the next day.

10. Life gets boring when the kids and everyone leaves. Luckily, this will only last until this weekend. :D