Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20, 2009

This is a special day for sure. Even more special for me than the rest of the world because not only is it Inauguration day it is my One Year Anniversary! Tonight hubby and I will go out to eat and celebrate but He's in class this morning and I'm all about watching the goings on in DC. I didn't vote for Obama but I'm glad he won. I think if he had not it would have been bad to epic proportions. My not voting for him had more to do with my dislike of our two party system and the state I live in. I think Barack Obama is a good man and I think he is going to be good for America. I think if he does nothing else during his presidency he has done wonders for our country just by being elected. He is a powerful speaker and I hope that with some help from God he'll be able to work some of the miracles America needs. The best anniversary present I could ever receive is to have George W. Bush out of office and replace by someone that actually presents the country with hope for the future.